About us

At Plus Five Apparel, perfection is not the destination it’s the journey.

About - plus five apparel - 2024
About - plus five apparel - 2024
About - plus five apparel - 2024
A little About Us

Who we are..

Danielle Montalbano-Brezina

International pair & single Skater for Israel, 4-time European competitor, and 3x world championship competitor.

Michal Brezina

International skater for Czech republic, 3 time Olympian, 2-time national Czech champion.

What do we aim for..

We are a small dedicated team who combine both athleticism and business, to bring you the very best in quality and comfort on your road to chasing perfection.
We say chasing because as a team we believe that perfection is an attitude, not a destination.

All athletes know what it’s like to work hard to achieve perfection, just to have the bar raised right before the finish line, or the next day.

We believe perfection is always developing. What is perfection? Can’t we always improve? What may be the best today, may not be the best for tomorrow.

About - plus five apparel - 2024

What We Do

We want to send a message to never settle for less, and make perfection an attitude not a goal. We strive to motivate and empower our followers by joining them on their journey to find whatever their perfection may be, and then push past it.

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